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Welcome to Beer Crisps

The Future of Snacking!

Based in London, Beer Crisps LTD is not just another food company. We are the embodiment of innovation, pioneering the way for upcycled savoury delights. Our foundation is built on the ethos of sustainability, food science, and a love for all things beer. With a mission to bridge the worlds of brews and bites, we've mastered the art of transforming brewer’s spent grain into mouth-watering crisps.

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Why Beer Grain Crisps?

Our flagship beer grain crisps are crafted from 40% brewer’s spent grain. By harnessing the potential of this often-discarded ingredient, we're offering a snack that's not only delicious but also environmentally conscious. Plus, every crisp you munch on is a testament to our commitment to water conservation, as our unique process eliminates the need for additional water.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • High in fibre

  • 100% plant-based

  • No MSG

  • Fresh spent grain usage

  • Contributes to water conservation initiatives

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Our Product

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Brewery Partnerships

We pride ourselves on forming synergistic partnerships with like-minded breweries. Each pack of our crisps carries the name of the brewery where the grains are sourced, forging an undeniable bond between your favourite beer and our crisps. This not only allows beer enthusiasts to appreciate the direct connection to their beloved brew but also aids breweries in reducing their carbon footprint and optimizing land utilization.

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Our Favorite Recipes

Check Out What’s Going On In Our Kitchen


Beer Braised Chipotle Chicken Nachos

This is one of our favorite recipes in the world! With beer braised chipotle chicken layered between beer crisps and cheddar cheesy goodness, nothing comes close. We like to add pickled jalapeños for extra flavour and make an avocado salsa on the side. This dish is perfect for a lazy Friday night, paired with a mojito or margarita.

Beer Crisps & Chicken Casserole

Chicken, cheese and crisps. Check, check and check. A delicious home made casserole for a cold winter's night. Great enjoyed on its own, or served with a green side salad.


Crushed Beer Crisps Jalapeño Poppers

This recipe is always a winner when you want to impress guests with a hot welcome (pun intended). Biting through the crunchy exterior reveals a creamy center, followed by a flaming explosion of flavour.

Beer Crisps Platter

Perfect for a Saturday afternoon in the sun, or just watching the game. Add some tomato salsa, guacamole, cream cheese or even some gherkins. And don't forget the G&Ts.

Beer Crisps Platter.PNG

Vegan Beer Crisps Soup

Mexican meat free Mondays have never been this tasty. Packed full of autumn veggies, this warming soup comes together quickly and also freezes very well. A winner all around.

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About us

At Beer Crisps LTD, every bite is a step towards a greener future. Our dedication to upcycling and sustainability ensures that while you enjoy our crisps, the planet breathes a little easier.

Our Mission

“To craft delicious experiences and to rethink what spent means.”

Our Vision

For as many people possible to taste our delicious food products, and rethink what spent means.

To provide our customers with better alternative snack products, made from sustainable ingredients.

To be recognized as one of South Africa’s home-grown visionary snack companies.

To have an amazing company culture that truly cares for its employees and the community it operates in.

To always do good where we can.

Our Values

Always do good (Integrity, honesty).

Care for our people and the community (inclusiveness, empathy, togetherness, protector).

Make decisive decisions, based on facts (structured , well planned).

Do sustainable business (caring, eco-friendly, forward looking, risk management).

Inspire through the work we do (creativity, innovation, craft).

Our Founder

Beer Crisps was founded by Christo Worst in March 2018. Christo Worst (Pr.Eng.) is a mechatronic engineer by trade with a MSc. (Mechatronics) degree and has worked within the food production industry for the past 12 years.

"The concept of repurposing by-products has intrigued me for quite some time. While the conventional route of creating bread and cookies from spent grain is commendable, it lacked a certain zest for me. My ambition was to craft something distinctive—something that truly resonates with the spirit of beer. That’s when it struck me: why not produce the ideal snack to accompany a cold brew? And with that spark of inspiration, Beer Crisps were conceived." - Christo Worst

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Get In Touch

Interested in doing business with Beer Crisps, or just want to find out more? Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Our business hours are Monday to Friday: 08:00-17:00.

Unit #2251, 275 New North Road, London, N1 7AA

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